Who I Am

I’m never quite sure how to define myself, but I always want to start by saying that I’m a writer.

It’s hard to just say that I’m a writer when I don’t have anything that’s made me famous and I’ve only made a little bit of money off of my actual writing. But I’m my core I know that’s what I am and what I intend to keep being.

That said, I’m also several other things: a perpetual job hunter on a two-year cycle that I usually talk myself out of “because it looks bad on my resume,” an over-lover of cats, and someone who is perpetually distracted.

That said, I am always trying to improve. I haven’t figured out if that need to always be something other than I currently am is ever going to stop.

But I started this blog because of that search, that need to always improve, what I suppose you could call dissatisfaction. And while I can’t promise answers, I can promise that most of what you read here will be driven by that knowledge that there’s something else out there, and hopefully it will be balanced by the confidence that what’s already happening is good enough too.

So here are a few people who might want to read this:

  • If you’re often serious about finding something better, even if it’s just a new trick on Microsoft Word or another way to make a packing list.
  • If you’re sometimes not so serious about life but still want to be entertained.
  • Or if you have something to share and want to partner with me.

This site is a place to explore and define the “average American girl,” that mystical broad-smiled, multi-tasking, mistake-making superhero who won’t be brought down by tropes of cultures past but still is drawn to them.

  • These topics are personal, but they’re global too.
  • There’s more to topics like “How to pick the best sports bra” and “What to look for in a job” than what’s on the surface, and it’s my mission to make all of the content on this site reflect that.
  • I’d love to connect with people who think being “average” can also mean being highly successful and motivated, that I’m modern times just being “average” is way cooler than it used to be.
  • My intention is to always grow and evolve, and to allow that journey to be visible to people who visit.

I appreciate your attention, and I hope you’ll find something here that you find worthy of your time.


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