Four Blues I’ve Thought About Way Too Much

1960s bellbottoms brown. 1970s refrigerator green. 1980s tube sock neon yellow. 1990s bathroom pink. Early 2000s sofa grey. 2010s kitchen cabinet white. Colors evolve, and our collective fashion choices change. Different shades and hues of sometimes very similar colors can inspire vastly different emotions and ideas, and elicit completely different thoughts and memories. But somehow,Continue reading “Four Blues I’ve Thought About Way Too Much”

Who I Am

I’m never quite sure how to define myself, but I always want to start by saying that I’m a writer. It’s hard to just say that I’m a writer when I don’t have anything that’s made me famous and I’ve only made a little bit of money off of my actual writing. But I’m myContinue reading “Who I Am”

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